Monday, May 03, 2010

ELECTRICITY and our dependance upon it

NO ELECTRICITY around here, everywhere this morning. Roads where blocked due to dropped railway crossing barricades, non-working traffic lights, sirens blazing. I was then called to work (via battery power) to start our diesel generator. This led me to think of how much we all depend on electricity and the electricians who help us maintain our connection! Are we all addicted, dependent on electricity? I think so. How do we email, phone, drive cars, ride cars, watch TV, light our night, cook our food, transfer/withdraw money, access ATM's, make phone calls ? These all depend on mains power to run or charge batteries! Most of us are DEPENDANT ON ELECTRICITY, Electricians, Technicians etc. help us maintain our connections. When main electrical power was interrupted here, today I noticed more people were outside, not inside using computers, TV, cooking, vacuuming etc. Do we truly control electricity as our servant or are we all dependent on electricity and it's flow, to help us all connect ?