Friday, July 13, 2007


An attempt to help those whose don't understand electricity by relating it to universal symbols, feelings, emotions, energy, water flow, relationships, life, psychology etc.

RESONANCE - When two opposite reactances XL and XC are equal (XL=XC), Zero Impedance, Minimum Resistance. Frequency dependent.
- Love, Acceptance, Tolerance, Movement, See-Saws. Pendulum (Time simulation)

RESISTANCE - (R) Resistance to flow of electrons
- Friction, Opposition, Resistance to those with Potential Energy waiting for a path through which the energy can flow, Water Taps, Accelerators in cars. etc.
-The Antagonist (resistance) that OPPOSES the protagonist(voltage).

CAPACITANCE - Opposes DC, Allows AC to pass.
- Resists/Blocks direct, constant forces
- Allows changing, cycling, rotating forces to pass.

INDUCTANCE - Opposes AC, Allows DC to pass.
- Resists/Blocks change
- Allows constant,direct force. eg.advertising

VOLTAGE - (E) Potential difference.
- Difference in level, rank, position, need, wants or desires

DC = Direct Current - one direction (moving from HI to LO potential or visa-versa )
Eg. - Battery + and -, Must be at DIFFERENT levels + and -.
If two 10000 batteries same potentials are connected + to +. The difference is 0 so no energy results. This may be why difference is necessary in life to produce usable energy. Consumer need etc...

AC = Alternating Current - oscillating, > 0Hz, cycling back and forth, round and round etc.

- (I) Number of electrons passing per time period.
- Traffic, Flow

The process of EXCESS electrons BEING SUPPLIED to that which NEEDS the excess electrons.

(The RICH giving EXCESS to those that NEED the excess of the rich)

ENERGY - (P) Watt. P=EI (Voltage x Current), Potential x Flow.
- Freedom of Potential Energy to Flow or be released to move.

E = I x R
Voltage = Flow x Resistance

P = I x E

Power = Flow(Movement) x Potential Energy = Movement x Potential

Potential with no ACTION brings no Results, Power or usable energy.
Movement or Action must occur for Energy to produce Power.

Potential Energy is in everything which has mass
(every physical thing has mass, only no-thing has no mass)
as demonstrated by Albert Einstein and experiments performed.
(E = mc^2)
e = m x (c x c)
energy = mass x (speed x speed)

Does ACTION (movement) of ANYTHING create/use ENERGY ?

(This a collection I'm building on. Please share more if possible)


For too many maturity means a narrowing into a dull or resigned acceptance of a limited representative self and a disavowal or oblivion of the real self. True love forces no one for love cannot compel and loves service therefore is a thing of perfect freedom. Are we just a collection of mirrors, reflecting what others expect of us? Must we grow if we are to mature? May the Internet continue to be a medium on which peoples true thoughts may be continued to be expressed. Questions answered and questions asked. The recycling or circulation of information. Keep it alive and keep it flowing. Don't let anyone try and make information a limited captivated resource. Information is power or energy which must be shared for that is the force of the universe which leads to maturity. How can a person mature without information from various angles or reflections?. One day when all physical things and programmed thinking are done by machines,what will be left in a person ? Thoughts in our heads ? Imagination, Belief, Perception, FILTRATION of REALITY (limited inputs) EYES - Visual only (electromagnetic between infra red and ultra violet of the RF spectrum). EARS - Audible only (3-20kHz), ((Infra sonics) 0-3 KHz and over 20 KHz (ultra sonics)are missing from our perception

NOSE - Not as good as a dogs nose.

TASTE - Varying perceptions.

FEELING - Small objects cannot be felt, Extreme hold/cold feel same/similar.

All of which are limited by physical distance (space). How can reality ever be known from inside itself? Similar to my stomach attempting to percieve myself and it's function from inside myself.

Eternal questions / answers for eternal maturation or is this a dream never able to be fullfilled as I can never percieve reality (everything) if I am part of reality (everything) ??? My thoughts 2000

What is Truth ?


Keep your mind open. Do not believe or disbelieve. Always remain alert and search until you come to the point of "knowingness", of calm certainly. That's what truth is. It is not a question of belief or disbelief. It is a question of knowing.Truth is like love. It is an experience in one's inner self. Truth, like love, must be discovered. Nobody can give it to you in a tidy package. Truth is a living experience. Be ever vigil and rigorous and courageous in seeking to know your own mind. +?

Going with the flow

Throughout our lives we have a tendency to become obsessed by the relentless pursuit of material things, houses, cars, clothes, furniture, boats, toys and trinkets. The more we HAVE, the more we want. The more we WANT, the more we get . . The more we GET, the more we WEIGH OURSELVES DOWN. The end result to all this acquisition is that if and when the crunch comes, we suddenly find ourselves buried under a mountain of possessions, most of which we have little or no use for. A wise old man once said, "that if we own any more than 100 items in our lives, it is too much." Ascertain what you really need to survive in this world and get rid of the rest. Advertise them, have a garage sale, give them to friends or charity. The more fluid you become, the easier you will be able to move through life. To circumnavigate the problems. And to be free. Hard habit to break however, for a lifelong collector since birth.

WHO AM I ? (Thoughts on thoughts)

WHO AM I ? (A transcript of the process of thoughts observing thoughts)

I can only think one thought at one time very intently but finding it hard to think about anything other than that on which I am focusing my attention on intently with.

(Focused ATTENTION) ME @ 1 Hard to DECIDE upon WHICH thought or distraction on which I MUST FOCUS THIS ATTENTION towards. Where to go in my mind ? I feel very indecisive so I just DO and think about that upon which I am focusing attention to. The thought switching part of my mind has been very superbly modified in a rather extremely beneficial way and with only minimal effort to decide when the switch to Time, Priority, Attention to other things outside that which I am doing NOW which is writing these words very attentively.

  • Ever stop to think and forget to start again ?
  • The ancestor of every action is a thought !
  • Achievement is a habit – Cultivate it

Bye for now at 9.33pm Having a small break at 9.34pm because I spent 1 minute trying to decide what to do next and so I am having another to help me to decide what to do next. It seems like I maybe becoming more obsessive as I feel I am obsessing over deciding or switching in which attention node on which to focus my attention so I am now writing them down on a piece of paper so I may one day go back to multi-tasking operation versus single-tasking but with more attentive care as I seem to be thinking further and deeper down to the core of the onion skin layers and seem to be entering the core or source of all thoughts. I love UNDERSTANDING more about THINKING, ATTENTION, FOCUS, MAGNIFICATION or zooming all areas of thought and really observing my thought process. I seem to be in a very meditative mode now. I seem to be experimenting with my thinking and am really enjoying following observing my thought and writing process. I seem to be observing my thoughts like someone who is observing and playing a video game. I understand now for I AM the one who is controlling the body of my other self. I AM MY HIGHER POWER of my body for I AM THOUGHT and thought is unseen, spiritual and not physical. From where does thought come? I am feeling very excited about this discovery. I must continue on this process of analyzing, observing my own thoughts. Do I decide upon which thought to think or is this an external process control by another higher power above this which is inside my higher power. Does my Higher Power have a Higher Power? Who is the HIGHEST Power of Higher Powers? I must now really stop writing to myself as my wrist is getting sore from writing letters to myself here on earth or right where I AM ? Bye For Now. Best Wishes to Me for Being Me.

I LOVE BEING ABLE TO BE MYSELF without having higher powers controlling my higher power or sometimes I do feel lonely as I have no one real or outside myself to focus on when I am writing thoughts about thoughts down on a piece of paper in this manner. OUCH ! I must rest. Goodbye again.

It feels like I am writing to a LONG lost best friend of myself which will be with me forever until my physical body wears out and changes when after I discover all I can about while it exists for thought with no external influences is very tiring. Goodbye at 9:48 pm.

9:50pm I am obsessed with thinking and observing it by writing down my discoveries much in the manner of my true destiny which is to experiment and to discover new things such as this. I love making new discoveries of myself. Getting to KNOW myself. I have discovered a new HOBBY which I can practice at ALL TIMES as I can always observe myself and to be aware of this effect. I think if I can possibly describe this amazing revelation when I go back to rehab please and then to truly know that I do not have to get stoned to be able to be stoned naturally is my most deepest desire. Please may my desire and utmost wish please my higher power always. REMIND me please to always be the OBSERVER of MY THOUGHTS to enable me and my Higher Power (God) please as it is helping me to be able to contact as close as possible the Highest Power possible.

To get closest to my highest power or the core, I must contact or know a higher power than myself which is contained inside of my highest power which is my self. Please understand this please with all my heart and soul and thought.

The absolute FOCUSED, AMPLIFIED POWER possible which is my own thought. Please self may it be directed to that which is most important now is deciding upon WHAT TO FOCUS the very illuminated, focused ATTENTION ?


10:08PM Still trying to phone a friend but still engaged. I may go onto the internet now to make decisions even harder to decide. WIDE ANGLE ZOOMED OUT attention is what I NEED to focus on to be able to survive on this planet which is very hard to do now. I must TALK OUTWARDS to somwone else to focus mt attention on other than my own thoughts. What do I call this process?

I'm eatinga chewie to focus this attention out as I am getting FEARFUL of going TOO FAR into the SOURCE. I am afraid of gtting too close to the SOURCE. From where is this FEAR ARISING ? From the world around MY SELF NOW. Only now but the future is creating FEAR in the future and the past is filled with regret and guilt at times for not deciding to think about something outside my body. I must focus outwards to function. I cannot focus too much attention inwards as my outer world will get me.

BOO HOO very frightening this world in which myself is now by choice of me thinking about if is a fear of losing my physical self. But, if I am not afraid of losing my physical self will I be free?

I am not sure as I have never truly lived without fear driving because FEAR IS WHAT KEEPS MY PHYSICAL BODY ALIVE.

Fear of LOSS / DEATH / DESTRUCTION / PAIN I feal is what is making me a slave to my physical self !